One Two Review

our patreon page is up

our patreon page is up

Hello ladies and gentlemen!

For those of you that don't know:
One Two Review is an improvised podcast in which we create fake movies, bands, products, stores, and restaurants and then we improvise reviews of them. We just completed our first season, and we are happy to launch our Patreon page!

For those of you that do know:
Thank you for an excellent first Season of One Two Review! We couldn't do it without your support. Even coming to this page means that you have some sort of faith in us and we appreciate the hell out of that.

By becoming a Patreon Donor, you will be easing some of the financial burdens of creating our weekly episodes (mostly website hosting fees) which isn't a lot, but it does start to add up.

We'll keep creating free weekly episodes no matter what, but you can make it a little easier for us.

Be a pal, become a Patreon Donor!